Dr Marwa Soliman

Dr Marwa Soliman

Managing Director

About Me

20 years of experience in the field of information technology, strategic planning, process
engineering, software development and business development in addition to being a
lecturer for software engineering at the faculty of computer sciences and artificial
intelligence, and Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) ,

with high level capability decision making and significant executive experience. I’ve e been
in charge of implementing new business strategies, delivering innovative solutions, and
facilitating operations.

Exploring a long journey in the IT industry and software development experience with specialist skills in process re–engineering, consulting services, resources management, courses and knowledge transfer management, software development, programming, analysis and architecture design, Defining project scope and deliverables, Project cost estimation, time plan, defining roles for team work, Documentation, Quality Assurance, Demonstration, Customer Presentation, professional technical offer responses , Research and Development. Moreover, during my working journey I’ve been practicing staff training, inter–department communications, and staff scheduling to meet the optimum satisfaction of all clients. I am highly skilled in defining and developing business and strategic solutions for both, large and medium to small–scale enterprises. Furthermore, I have proven the ability to manage large–scale projects, and consistently delivering these engagements within time and budget constraints. I have been in Mubasher and NTG group for more than 8.5 years filling a variety of positions starting with the head of quality control, then a senior project manager then being the head of Mubasher info portal, continuing the journey to be the head of portals and development for Egypt team then the deputy general manager for Mubasher Media to be in charge of: Planning, developing, implementing and overseeing company initiatives and projects Overseeing a company’s operations, have budgeting responsibilities Opening new business channels as well as evaluating the current business directions and visioning Hiring and evaluating company personnel Responsible for all the products and services development and processes, resources acquisitions, targets–achievements, and management inside the company –including but not limited to strategy planning and implementation, clients’ services and support, community management, marketing, product management, and all other departments. Continued the journey to be a strategic consultant for DTS the technology arm for the housing and development bank, since 2017. In addition to being the CSTE (Chief Strategy and Technology Officer) in ELAraby healthcare Then I joined Balsamee and NabdaCare group for healthcare solutions as the vice president for development and innovation. Currently I’m heading Mindeavors technology group to achieve a set of enormous strategic objectives and developing leading technology products.